Rumor: LeBron James & Carmelo Anthony have to plead guilty for the Lockout

According to a source of, they might be no Lockout if LeBron and Melo have decided to stay in Cleveland & Denver. Championships became a problem!!

Dwight Jaynes reports for

Players want the current system to remain somewhat intact. They want teams like the Lakers or Heat to have the option if they want to sign a high-profile player and go over the luxury tax, which is not fair because most teams don’t have that option because they can’t afford it. If superstars aren’t willing to stick it out with their current teams, then a change has to be made.

“If LeBron stayed in Cleveland, Melo stayed in Denver, and Bosh stayed in Toronto, we probably wouldn’t be having this lockout or it would have been lifted by now,” a league executive told

In no way was this meant to attack the players, it’s just the reality of what’s been going on of late. You can’t knock them for exercising their right to sign with the team of their choice, but they have to understand that it comes with consequences. Players can’t have their cake and eat it, too.

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