Rajon Rondo about the Lockout: “It might help us”

According to Rajon Rondo, the Lockout can be a good opportunity for the Boston Celtics. 2008 NBA Champions have a veteran team, a shorter season could be a benefit for Doc Rivers roster.

Unfortunately, the season could be not that short. A rumor is talking about a 78-game season.

Marc J. Spears reports for Yahoo! Sports:

In past years, the Celtics players usually started working out together at the team’s practice facility a month before training camp. That wasn’t possible this season because of the lockout – though not everyone views it as a negative.

“It might help us,” Rondo said. “Fresher legs. Not as much wear and tear without [a normal] training camp.”

Once the free-agent market opens, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge could try to re-sign Green and Davis. He also has to fill other roster spots.

“Guys have to come mentally and physically prepared whenever we start,” Rondo said.

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