Brian Scalabrine thinks the Bulls haven’t what it takes to win a title in 2011-2012!

If we suppose that there’ll be a season this year, the NBA’s championship won’t goes to the Chicago Bulls, according to their forward, Brian Scalabrine.

Aggrey Sam reports for the

You lack experience at playoff level. Derrick Rose needs to go through the bumps and bruises of the playoffs to get over the hump. If you watched the games against Miami, the Heat knew how to get over the hump. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James both have been in the finals and Dwyane has performed in the finals. So you have to get that –- being there and making it. I can only assume Rose has been working his tail off this summer thinking about Miami and what he’s going to do down the stretch playing against LeBron. You have to go through that.

Michael Jordan had to get through the Pistons, and the Pistons had to get through the Celtics. It’s like once you go through that, then that’s when you become a better team.

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