Rumor: Baron Davis to the Knicks? Bulls? Bobcats?

It looks like Baron Davis will “benefit” of an amnesty clause by the Cleveland Cavaliers. His huge contract and the combination of Ramon Sessions & draftee Kyrie Irving, let Marc Stein think he not getting longer in Ohio, to head in New York, Los Angeles or Charlotte.

Marc Stein reports for ESPN:

Davis’ hometown Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks, sources say, are the two teams he’s always dreamed of playing for.

Davis also still has a good relationship with the Charlotte community, Bobcats coach Paul Silas and Bobcats assistant coach Stephen Silas, all of which would likewise make the Bobcats an option if Michael Jordan is interested.

Rougly $27 million of the nearly $30 million left on Davis’ contract is guaranteed. The Cavs would still have to pay Davis all that money if they send him away, but the amnesty clause coming in the next collective bargaining agreement — unlike the 2005 version — will give teams salary-cap relief as well as tax relief on a player released via amnesty.

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