DaJuan Summers explains why he had trouble to adjust to Italian Life

Pistons small forward DaJuan Summers (35th pick in the 2009 draft) signed in Italy (Siena) in July, but his life out there was  not as easy as he imagined and he parted aways the team in October. 

Marc J.Spears reports for Yahoo!Sports:

Shortly after the lockout began, Summers signed a two-year contract with European powerhouse Montepaschi Siena. Summers had trouble adapting to living in a small town – and he thinks team officials picked up on it.

Siena is kind of slow-paced

People here drive much different. It’s not as organized as back home, driving in-between lines 

The beds were small and twin sized in the hotel. If you wanted to turn over you actually had to get up, turn yourself over and lay back down.

 I can’t put my finger on a precise thing. I guess they thought I wasn’t happy. That wasn’t the case. I can’t understand why they felt that strongly to make the move they made. 

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