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Shaq threatened to punch Glen Davis in the face!!

With the release of his book coming closer, Shaquille O’Neal has some little stories to share with us…This is one of them !

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Arron Afflalo interested in playing with the Bulls?

Recently interviewed, Arron Afflalo talked about his free agency, the Nuggets and…maybe the possibility of him playing for the Chicago Bulls. Isn’t he the kind of player who’s missing in the Bulls’ roster?

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Jeff Van Gundy’s worrying about the post lockout game level!

Actually, this is a great topic to worry about (besides the end of the lockout). Will the lockout affect the game level? There’s Jeff Van Gundy opinion on the subject.

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Jerry Stackhouse thinks Derek Fisher isn’t THE man for the negociation!

We know that even between the players there are some tensions. Some of them don’t believe in the legetimity of Derek Fisher for negociations…and the actual players aren’t alone, even the former ones think so, as we can see with … Continue reading

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Steve Nash about the lockout: both sides are “selfish”!

We haven’t heard Steve Nash that much during this lockout. He understands the fact that the fans are lost in this debate because we’re talking about two sides who are unhappy of earning millions and billions dollars…

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Dwight Howard to host an Exhibition Game Weekend in Orlando on Nov.11

Magic superstar Dwight Howard announced Saturday on his twitter that he’ll host an exhibition game weekend  (Nov.11 to Nov.13.)

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DaJuan Summers explains why he had trouble to adjust to Italian Life

Pistons small forward DaJuan Summers (35th pick in the 2009 draft) signed in Italy (Siena) in July, but his life out there was  not as easy as he imagined and he parted aways the team in October. 

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